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Mark Aloe
, CPA and CEO of Eldercare Advisors, Inc.

Mark has hands-on experience working with the elderly since his father had alzheimer's and cared for him while at home as well as having to care for his mother until she entered into a facility recently. 

Mark also was a former Medicare Auditor Consultant with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan.

William GuckelbergDirector

The last two and a half years of my mother’s life was spent with severe dementia that required round-the-clock personal care.  Part of this time was spent in a nursing home. 


Like all people in this situation, you experience the loss of someone you love even though they are still physically here.  My main concern was always to make sure she was as comfortable as possible as she approached the end of her life.


Leading up to her admission in a nursing home (both skilled nursing facilities and assisted living) I investigated many of them in order to find the one I thought was right.


It was also very important to understand the payment rules of private insurance and Medicare. 

Fortunately, my professional life included working as the Finance Director for two home health agencies.  This involved billing many private insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare and Medicaid, so I was easily able to understand the insurance rules for nursing homes.  Medicaid regulations are particularly important since most people do not have insurance that covers a substantial part of nursing home costs.

My working knowledge of insurance plus my experience with choosing a nursing home for my mother will enable our organization to significantly help families going through or about to go through the same challenges.

 Maxine Edwards, RN, Director

  My experience is in the field of medical surgical trauma and home care.  Before entering into a career in nursing, I cared for and advocated for many of my family members and neighbors.  I cared for my aunt who remained bedbound for two and a half years.  I also cared my sisters before succumbing to cancer.  My former husband had an aneurysm that burst in his brain.  He survived fortunately and I cared for him for four years.  I also cared for four neighbors who were home bound.  The most impressionable person I cared for was my mother, the inspiration for me becoming a registered nurse. These exhausting experiences and my professional background were very instructive for evaluating skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers.

  I am very tenacious in my passion to grow and persevere with Eldercare Advisors to ensure that every client will live the remainder of their life with dignity and proper care.










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