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Stress and Solutions

Although seniors are living better today, there are still problems.  Many of these problems can cause elder care stress.  Many of the problems involve senior living independence.  How well can a senior take care of themselves?  How much help do they need?  What constraints do their new health concerns pose?  This elder care stress is not only for the senior, but for the children that may be assisting them as well, as I have experienced.  Consequently, elder care stress can be a problem for seniors and their children.

Fortunately, there is HELP!   Elder Care Advisors can assist you with the solutions.  The elder care solution involves discussing realistic plans and options.  Some elder care solutions to help alleviate the stress include the following:

    -    Money issues, such as wills, trusts, power of atty, bank accounts and 
          paying bills

    -    Medicare and Health Insurance plans

    -    Long-term care and nursing home decisions - Home Care Referral,
          Nursing Home Referral

    -    Medications

    -    Doctor's appointments

    -    Medical or health related equipment    

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